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A word of caution

The data of our BMS database have been collected by our societies from a variety of sources, some of which could be questionable. Continuing efforts are spent to correct inconsistencies but it always will be an unachieved objective. Consequently, the reader should use the data to orient his research toward official sources, such as national archives, notary documents, registers...

ENever should a BMS2000 record be considered a substitute for an official document. The Groupe BMS2000 Inc. should not be held accountable for the inaccuracies of its records, neither could it be held responsible for unwanted uses and consequences of its inadequate record collection.

If you detect an error in our database, please fill in the appropriate record correction document, mentioning the source of your request for correction.

Incomplete records

Some records are incomplete, especially outside the country, mainly for the non-catholic documents where the parent’s names are often forgotten. Many sources have not been re-edited or have disappeared, causing relative scarcity of pre-1900 records for non-catholic population, save for the gazette records of this period. Nevertheless, for the time being, we have made the decision to publish these incomplete records.


The content of this website (text, graphics, images or other visual elements) and the related data are the exclusive property of Groupe BMS2000 and the participating societies providing data to the database. The intellectual property of the contents of the database is protected by the laws on royalties. It is forbidden to copy, extract or otherwise use the contents of this web site for purposes other than personal research.

Permit and license

This website does not issue permits or licenses of any sort to visitors or other third parties, unless a written letter issued by Groupe BMS2000 allows it clearly for any named party or usage.

Protection of your personal data and request for authorisation to use said data

The personal data collected by our societies displayed on this site receive confidential treatment according to the laws of intellectual property protection. Some links to other website may not protect data as effectively as this site and you should make sure these other parties are properly protecting your data.


Would you be somehow interested by any part of this website, you can ask written permission of use to the responsible organization at

Thanks to visitors for your kind interest for our site.

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Groupe BMS2000 is a cooperative project for establishing a common database with the BMS records — births, marriages and deaths (burials or sepultures) —  of 24 genealogical societies of Quebec province.  17,2 millions BMS records have been collected.

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