THE reference in genealogical research all around Quebec and neighbouring provinces and states.


Database update


Version 28 of BMS2000 now includes 17.2 million baptism, marriage and burial records covering the period from the beginning of New France to the present day. Ultimately, the BMS2000 Group plans to include in its database ALL baptism, marriage and burial records from Quebec and its immediate surroundings. Thus, BMS2000 is and will remain for years to come the REFERENCE in terms of genealogical research throughout the territory of Quebec and neighboring provinces and states.

The Genealogy

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Groupe BMS2000 is a cooperative project for establishing a common database with the BMS records — births, marriages and deaths (burials or sepultures) —  of 24 genealogical societies of Quebec province.  17,2 millions BMS records have been collected.

BMS2000 v.28 - Number of data in the database

Parishes :
Patronyms : 15 614 records
Baptisms :
Marriages :
Burials :