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Frequently asked questions

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Q : Do I have to pay to consult the BMS2000 database?

A : No! The consultation of the BMS2000 database is free but limited. Amongst other things, you cannot consult a complete record of baptism, marriage or burial.

To consult complete genealogical records, it is necessary that you subscribe and buy consultation vouchers.

Q : How much does the BMS2000 subscription cost?

A : The subscription with BMS2000 is FREE but MANDATORY. You only have to provide your E-mail address and a password and you should rapidly be accepted as subscriber and be able to access records of the database to some extent. On the other hand, if you want to view complete records of baptism, marriage or burial, you will have to BUY consultation vouchers. You will find the price list on the TARIFF tab of the home page.

Q : How can I purchase consultation vouchers?

A : Two methods are available :

1- Purchase on line with credit card (Visa, Master Card, etc.) or use your existing PayPal account, or,

2- Using post office (snail mail). After having accessed BMS2000 site, a purchase order form is available. After printing and filling it adequately, send your check or money order to the "Centre de généalogie francophone d'Amérique" (CGFA : address included on the form).

Q : Can I buy consultation vouchers by fax or telephone?

A : Nope !

Q : Why can't the societies of genealogy which are not member of BMS2000 have free access to the BMS2000 database?

A : Groupe BMS2000 is a co-operative project of 23 societies of genealogy, existing since 1998, sponsoring a "megabase" of genealogical data covering the whole of the Quebec territory and the immediate surroundings. Each member Society must contribute to the database, year after year, new records of baptisms, marriages and burials, to maintain its membership. The membership of the Group gives right to the free access, in its buildings, to the database for the members of these societies. A society of genealogy which does not contribute to the improvement of the database cannot expect to have free access.

Q : If I give you the names of a couple of which I have not been able yet to dig out the marriage certificate, can you forward me this missing record?

A : BMS2000 is not a genealogical research centre, but a database where you can subscribe to carry out there your research yourself.